Installation Service including Training on Location

Installation Service including Training on Location

Goodbyes are not forever

This week, we shipped two of our large 3D printers off to their new owners. It is always a special thing watching those giants leave. But we’ll meet these machines again! We install (providing a 3D printer installation service) them on their destinations and also teach the new owners all about the features of their printers. As a service to our customers, but also to make sure they are well kept after and perform at their best.

Added value

3D printing is one of the most promising technologies. Especially large size 3D printers. It transforms the way we fabricate products throughout the whole manufacturing process from designing to selling. It has enormous benefits like a large cut in costs, CO2 emissions, materials, storage space and the time it takes to bring products to market. This has a major impact on existing business models in several industries.

Knowledge of Technology

People might still find it difficult to make the technology of large volume 3D printing an integral part of their production process. They might even have bought a (small) 3D printer a few years ago to experiment a little, but discovered their knowledge or the used technology was not sufficient enough to make real changes in their manufacturing method. Subsequent it did not give a very realistic idea of the added value large size 3D printing could give to their business.

Focus on the potential

While the technology has progressed enormously in recent years, we noticed questions and uncertainties around 3D printing remained. Companies sometimes seem worried about the skills required to successfully implement the technology.

Maybe your perception is also that a large size 3D printer is a complicated engineering machine, which cannot be operated by you or one of your own employees. Or you may be afraid it is difficult to install a 3D printer.

What if you could let go of any fear and concentrate only on the potential large size 3D printing offers you?

Worldwide 3D printer installation service

We understand you want to start printing your 3D designs as fast as possible. And we also understand that clear instructions are inherent to a fluent use of the 3D printer. That is why Tractus3D provides a worldwide 3D printer installation service for free, with all large volume 3D printers. Whether you are located in America or in Asia, it does not matter. We will travel to any desired location and help you install our machine. This way the 3D printer is ready for you to use straight away.

Training by skilled engineers

Of course, one of our engineers will first explain you everything you have to know about the large size 3D printer settings, printing software, materials (filaments) and design tips for 3D printing.

We will share all our expertise tailored to your needs. We make sure you are confident enough to manage the printer on your own, but in case of questions our support team is always willing to help you out any time.

Upgradable for prospective challenges

All of our printers are modular build and as a result future proof. You can upgrade your large size 3D printer when new features come out, so you never work with an outdated Tractus3D printer. Our printers keep you steady on you road into the future.

Unknown is unloved

We know a lot about 3D printing and of course our printers. To start, we can help you discover the potential value of 3D printing for your business.

Just drop us a message here, chat with us or send an email to [email protected] and we will provide you all the information you need.

  • Worldwide 3D printer installation service by Tractus3D engineers
  • Extensive training included with installation service (up to 4 days!)