Tractus3D reseller network enters another continent

3D printing Australia

Tractus3D and Jetmark are very pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, complementing Jetmarks’ supplies and equipment services with 3D printers to deliver transformative results for the signage and digital print industries.

Wordwide products

Jetmark has been servicing the sign making market in Australia for over 10 years. Traditionally they have been known for their range of specialist inks along with vinyls, substrates and sign making tools. As Jetmark grew and began to offer their services nationally, they also introduced new product ranges, including theirvery  own exclusive range of Jetmax and Zed 7 products which are sourced from around the world, vhf from Germany, Bubble-Free from Hungary, JWEI from China, Colorjet from India and now 3D printing from the Netherlands

Jetmark helps their customer become more productive by providing them with the full spectrum of inks, media, substrates and machinery they need to get the job done to the very highest standard and in the most cost-effective way. They offer the very best tools of the trade to satisfy everyone’s creative flair while ensuring technical excellence of application.


At Jetmark they believe that delivering the best combination of high-quality supplies and machinery doesn’t mean you should also have to pay high prices. They offer a range of products at a variety of price points targeted at specific needs and end use applications.

Tractus3D fits perfectly in this philosophy, since we strive to provide the absolute best large volume 3D printers to the communities we serve, at affordable prices. The 3D printers are modularly built, which means that you can upgrade it to the latest technologies at any time.  This way you never work with an outdated Tractus3D printer.

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