3 reasons to buy a 3D printer now

The covid-19 pandemic is still out there in the world, but we do see multiple countries already coming back to life. In our home country, the Netherlands, we are slowly but steadily moving back to the ‘normal live’. We even started working in the office again, while taking precaution measures in place of course. And other countries are also opening up more and more. This marks the perfect time to buy a 3D printer and implement it in your business. We’ll give you 3 reason to buy a 3D printer today.

1. Your business is ready for the change

A lot of business are on hold due to the covid-19 restrictions. Resulting in factories shutting down and production processes coming to a standstill. This doesn’t happen often and gives you the opportunity to change the process and way of working of your company and implement 3D printing. Even though these are hard times for your business now, it does give you the opportunity of making your company futureproof; right now.


2. Be the first to receive the 3D printer

The world is starting up again, and a lot of companies will be looking to boost their business to make sure they’ll make revenue. Right after they’ll make sure they will be future proof and start the process of ordering and accommodate for a 3D printer. To be ahead of the competition on delivery, order early so you’ll receive the 3D printer as soon as possible.


3. Get and competitive advantages on you competitors

When you change your production and prototyping processes now, you’ll be ahead of your competition in no-time. Providing you with an edge on the market for the foreseeable future. Making you more than futureproof, the 3D printer gives you the possibility to grow!


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Our 3D printers

T850P with mohawk
Der T850P ist der beste industrielle 3D-Hochtemperaturdrucker unserer PRO-Serie.
Der T850 ist der industrielle 3D-Mitteldrucker in unserer DESK series.
Der T1250 ist der industrielle 3D-Mitteldrucker in unserer DESK series
Der T2000 ist unser perfekt dimensionierter industrieller 3D-Drucker. Drucken Sie bis zu 1 Meter hoch und passen Sie durch jede Tür.