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You think you can improve our business? 

(even more)

Imagination, creativity and play are not only encouraged, they are required

As a fast growing company, we are always looking to hire the brightest talents in the industry. Our business and engineering teams are true collaborators, who work together to come up with new ideas and to advance technology even further. By working together we ensure assertive performance and an effortless, intuitive user experience that our customer benefits from.

3D printing engineer of Tractus3D working on a small 3D Delta printer

Why work with us?

As a growing company in the industry with an international business strategy, we give you all the tools to grow on a professional level. There is plenty of room for new ideas and many opportunities to realize them.

Customer support employee of Tractus3D sitting behind reception desk


A good salary with excellent secondary working conditions according to a CAO. Tractus3D has an informal working atmosphere, where working is always fun. We reward great ideas and motivate our employees to think out-of-the-box.

3D printing engineer showing that the Tractus3D printers can be easily updated

Life at Tractus3D

We are not an ‘all work, no play’ company. While working hard is important, we want you to feel right at home. That is why we lunch together, play games together and are always ready to crack a joke.

Job openings

Our vacancies are in Dutch since we are a proud, Dutch speaking company. If you are interested in becoming part of our team, send an e-mail containing your motivation and CV to [email protected].

CTO of Tractus3D Daniel van Mourik

Daniël van Mourik Further Says

“Tractus3D wants to transform the 3D printing industry and create the best 3D printers around, alongside equally fantastic service. This means hiring people with good communicative skills and plenty of creativity, so we can keep pushing boundaries.

If you want to make a direct impact on company success, Tractus3D is the right place for you. We take your ideas seriously and want you to help steer us in the right direction. If you crave a fast pace that keeps up with your personal drive to learn, this is the perfect company for you. You will find plenty of challenge, room for personal growth and fun when you fuse your own skills with the Tractus3D ideals of innovation, quality and humanity. Tractus3D is one of the fastest-growing companies in the 3D printing business and – according to our employees – a fantastic place to work.

At its core, Tractus3D is innovation. We thrive on discovery and change. Our greatest satisfaction comes from embracing new ideas, improving upon old ones, and, ultimately, making even better 3D printers. If that means we get to have a lot of fun along the way, who are we to complain?

Without a doubt, the most valuable resource of Tractus3D is its employees. We rely on the brilliance, dedication and positive outlook of each individual employee to produce some of the best 3D printers in the universe. Therefore it only makes sense that we do everything we can to keep our employees healthy, happy and excited about coming to work. At Tractus3D, we offer you more than just a job. We offer you a place to learn and the opportunity to grow with us.”

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