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Make Your 3D Prints Stick to the Build Plate

Spraying hair spray on the glass build plate

Improving the adhesion The latest version of the T650, T650P, T850 and T1250 Tractus3D printers have a PEI build plate, before it was a glass plate. One of our goals is to make the 3D printing process as easy as possible, minimizing the extra actions a user have to perform when making a 3D print…

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Automatic Build Platform Calibration

The Perfect First Layer. What is it? The first layer of a 3D print is vital in order to reach a successful outcome. To ensure the first layer sticks to the build platform and has an even thickness it’s important that the platform is ‘leveled’. All Tractus3D printers have automatic build platform compensation. A sensor in…

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Silent Night, Peaceful 3D Printing

3D printed Christmas objects

An undisturbed work environment. Low Sound Level. Our industrial 3D printers are operating at a noise level as low as 35 decibels (dB). This is comparable to human whispering and rustling needles. The peaceful sound of a crackling fireplace is already over 40 decibels. Work in Peace. The Tractus3D printers, even the big ones up…

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