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3d printing education

Weight of Vehicle Reduced by 40%, Energy Efficiency Increased

Energy efficient car with 3D printed parts

Additive Manufacturing for Automotive Applications. 3D printing for automotive applications enables companies to customize designs and constantly improve parts by prototyping. These 3D printed vehicle parts can be produced in a relative short period of time. As a result additive manufacturing is used to meet the rapidly changing demands of customers, which helps to differentiate…

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3D printing teaches university students a different way of thinking

Students of Hanze University learning about 3D printing

University makes learning future-proof. Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, is located in the vibrant student city of Groningen. Applied research and innovation is highly integrated in their academic programmes. In addition to this Hanze UAS has various modern facilities on campus to offer its students. In one of the studios, however, there is a…

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