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Industrial 3D printing applications

The possibilities of 3D printing for your product development and manufacturing are endless. Print everything from concept models to creating end-use parts. 3D Printing applications cover various sectors from education to industry, and the whole value chain from prototypes to spare part management. You can read more about the 3D printing applications of our customers here.

Engineering and 3D manufacturing

3D manufacturing of functional end-use parts is one of the fastest growing areas and is changing the ways products are traditionally produced. Companies are saving significant time and as the costs of this an industrial production technique continue to drop and quality rises, it will be impossible to stop the popularity of 3D manufacturing.

3D printing architecture and building

We are still at the beginning of 3D printing in architecture, but it certainly brings a revolution. Not only 3D printing architecture models helps to represent projects, it can also transform the way buildings are made. Using 3D printing in architecture can bring potential time, labour and transportation savings.

3D printing education and research

From mathematics to geography or history, with the help of 3D printing in education everyone can grasp the most abstracts concepts. Integrating 3D printing in education methods is the solution to physically manipulate complex ideas and creating physical educational material is a great addition to texts and videos.

3D printing automotive

3d printing automotive prototypes and custom end-use parts in-house, engineers and designers can work more iteratively, test thoroughly and move confidently into production. By replacing expensive and lead-time CNC-milled parts with 3d printing automotive plastic parts, they reduce production costs.

3D printing medical

3D printing medical objects, like for instance prosthetics are changing the lives of people who in the past had no hope of ever receiving these devices. 3D printing medical patient-specific parts is helping to save and improve lives in ways never imagined just a few years ago and the future holds more promise.

Aerospace 3D printing

Aerospace 3D printing is getting more popular every day. The pursuit of lightweight structures is one of the biggest factors for the adoption of aerospace 3D printing not only for prototyping but for final part production as well.The reduction of weight leads to reduced material costs and fuel savings.

Tractus3D printers – optimized for production

Still seen by the public as a prototyping or desktop technology 3D printing is rapidly gaining adoption in more manufacturing applications. Most 3D printers have limited build volumes, however or can’t handle high temperature materials. Tractus3D 3D printers are optimized for production.

Tractus3D CEO Ben Schilperoort, “We’re proud that we not only design but also manufacture true 3D printing production systems here in the Netherlands. In the tiny and lovely town of Ammerzoden we can make machines that make true large scale manufacturing with 3D printing possible worldwide. Tractus3D prides itself not only on its machines but also on the best service and support in the industry and it is in through that kind of care and attention to customers that we can let innovative companies manufacture using our 3D printers. Our examples of 3D printing applications show that this technology is really replacing the traditional production methods.”