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Industrial 3D printing applications

The possibilities of 3D printing for your product development and manufacturing are endless. Print everything from concept models to creating end-use parts. 3D Printing applications cover various sectors from education to industry, and the whole value chain from prototypes to spare part management.

Tractus3D CEO Ben Schilperoort, “We’re proud that we not only design but also manufacture true 3D printing production systems here in the Netherlands. In the tiny and lovely town of Ammerzoden we can make machines that make true large scale manufacturing with 3D printing possible worldwide. Tractus3D prides itself not only on its machines but also on the best service and support in the industry and it is in through that kind of care and attention to customers that we can let innovative companies manufacture using our 3D printers. Our examples of 3D printing applications show that this technology is really replacing the traditional production methods.”

You can read more about the 3D printing applications of our customers here.

Renovation costs of old building are reduced up to 70%

Employee of Tractus3D finishing a 3D printed large object

Rotterdam uses 3D printing for construction – costs are reduced with 70%. Through the introduction of 3D printing, the construction…

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Mannequins easier and faster manufactured by using 3D printers

Owner of Hans Boodt in front of the large size 3D printers

3D printing mannequins reduces the production time from 8 weeks to 2 days. Mannequins are the ultimate form of display…

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3D printing teaches university students a different way of thinking

Students of Hanze University learning about 3D printing

University makes learning future-proof. Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, is located in the vibrant student city of Groningen. Applied…

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3D printed motorcycle parts cost 90% less

Owner of Joost Motoren installing 3d printed motorcycle parts on BMW

BMW specialist makes custom 3D printed motorcycle parts – the costs are reduced with 90%. “Thanks to 3D printing we are…

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3D printed prosthetics reduce labor time immensely

Doctor showing a 3D printed prosthesis for a leg

3D printed prosthetics – a higher level of customisation and less labor time. “On average it takes 2-3 design iterations…

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Competitive advantage by 3D printed RC planes

Testing 3D printed RC planes

3D printed RC planes are lighter so fly longer and are more agile. “With early planning and frequent prototyping, I…

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Maintenance company saves considerable costs by 3D printing

Maintenance company employee installing a 3D printed clip

3D printing results gives a maintenance company considerable cost savings. “The total design time can take 5-10 times longer than…

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Impact of 3D printing is 60% less production time and costs

A Tractus3D industrial 3d printer is 3D printing prototypes

Impact of 3D printing is that the production time and costs are 60% less. “3-5 times less costs can be…

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Want to learn more about Industrial 3D printing?

What is 3D printing?

When you want to know more about 3d printing, you sure also want to learn more about the benefits. Through creating layers, it opens a whole new way in which products are created and it offers a lot of advantages compared to the traditional manufacturing methods. Read more >>

What is FDM 3D printing

The 3D printing market is quite competitive, so there are plenty of different printers to choose from. Each printer has its own printing technology and unique capabilities, so it’s important to know which printer is most suited for the results you want to achieve. Read more >>

News about 3D printing

The way in which 3D printing has developed in recent years is nothing short of astounding and the possibilities for your product development are endless. We keep you updated about the Tractus3D printing solutions but also about the 3D printing industry as a whole. Read more >>

a FDM printing machine next to a desk

Desk series

Do you want to create small and highly detailed parts fast? Have a look at:

T650 (S): 170 diameter x 285 height

T850 (M): 280 diameter x 345 height

T1250 (L): 360 diameter x 605 height

Man sitting behind his desk making a 3D model which he can send directly to his Industrial PEEK 3D printer for FFF 3D printing which is next to him

High temperature series

Do you want to create light and strong parts? You need a 3D printer that can handle high degrees. The T650-P can handle temperatures up to 450° Celcius

T650-P: 170 diameter x 285 height

Tractus3D big delta Industrial 3D printer 3D printing a big object

Large format series

Do you want to create large and precise objects? Have a look at our Industrial large volume 3D printers:

T3000 (XL): 1000 diameter x 1450 height

T3500 (XXL): 1000 diameter x 2000 height

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