BMW M6 GT3: 3D Printing Used as Finishing Touch

Street legal edition with 3D printed letters on the back.

A big car enthusiast has constructed a street legal edition of the BMW M6 GT3. The branding letters on the back ”BMW M6 GT3” are 3D printed. The owner, Junior Strous, used a Tractus3D printer to print the letters at a high resolution. He chose for 3D printing because he needed a customized design in the short term, without compromising on quality.

The transformation

Junior Strous started converting his M6 in February. Car news and review website Hart voor Autos has written: ”When you have a GT3 body kit, the power also must be proportional. With almost 800 horsepower and a downforce of a truck full of bricks, this car is really fast.” The 3D printed letters on the back are the finishing touch to an amazing automobile.