What is large-scale 3D printing?

Large volume 3d printers or large scale 3d printers can be great for any business. 3D printing has commonly used in industries as diverse as automotive components, medical implant, footwear, and home décor. The similarity of all these products printed in these industries is that  all these parts are quite small.

Large-scale or large-volume 3D printing has potential to solve the challenges that manufacturers may face when it comes to printing larger parts. Printing larger parts is still quite niche technology when it comes to 3D printing. In short, large-volume 3D printing is simply the ability to print large parts in preferably quick and minimum amount of assembly.

So large volume 3d printers are quite essential for certain businesses looking to better their assembly line and produce unique products.

Large-volume 3D printing your business solution?

Different industries have been able to reap the benefits of 3D printing on a smaller scale, giving them the opportunity to create customer specific products and but also reduce the time it takes to produce their product. The production of large-scale components faces similar challenges, due to the long production process, it is costly due to the amount of time it takes to assemble these larger scale components.


Large volume 3D printers allows manufacturers the ability to cut down on both the time it takes to assemble their components but also cut costs. Something businesses are all looking to do, especially with the consistently increasing production costs.

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Reduction in assembly time

Production of larger components of considerable size are often heavy and complexed and require more time to be setup and larger tools to be able to produce it. With the help of 3D printing, manufacturers could print larger parts faster. 3D Printing offers complexed designs that these parts could truly benefit from.


Main advantages of 3D printed large parts could be a lighter weight and enhanced performance. Production time could easily reduce if these large components can print in a single run, instead of printing various parts to assemble, reducing assembly time for manufacturers.


So even though they are large volume 3d printers, the objects they print are not necessarily heavy and easy to assemble and place based on the print setting.

Cost effective

Being able to print certain parts in a single run and reducing assembly time, enables manufacturers the ability to cut cost when it comes to production of larger parts. 3D printing allowing manufacturers to produce larger parts faster, makes the entire process more cost-effective. From a business perspective lower manufacturing costs and shorter lead times is always beneficial.


With the increasing costs that are taking place globally, large volume 3d printers can certainly help companies adapt easier to the costs and also adapt their business model in order to save costs.