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The Base: for easy usage and storage

The Base is the latest add-on for the T850P from our PRO series, and with the T850 and T1250 from the DESK series.

The Base offers space for storing the most important materials, including up to two big spools, right at your 3D printer. Next to the storage space you will also be able to work on the perfect height with our printers. No need put the printer on your desk or a table, the Base is the perfect place for our 3D printer.

Specifications of the Base

Compatible with T1250, T850 and T850P

Up to 3 drawers

Store up to two 8 kg spools

Work on the right height!

T850 HT - Utility stand - vrijstaand
T850 HT - Utility stand - view 1
T850 HT - Utility stand - view 4
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