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Weight of Vehicle Reduced by 40%, Energy Efficiency Increased

Energy efficient car with 3D printed parts

Additive Manufacturing for Automotive Applications. 3D printing for automotive applications enables companies to customize designs and constantly improve parts by prototyping. These 3D printed vehicle parts can be produced in a relative short period of time. As a result additive manufacturing is used to meet the rapidly changing demands of customers, which helps to differentiate…

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FREE Whitepaper: How to Calculate the ROI of 3D Printing

Screenshot of a white paper about calculating the ROI of 3D printers

Return on Investment. You have to consider all the advantages when you are thinking about investing in a professional 3D printer for prototyping and/or production. We want to help you with that calculation and offer you a free white paper. Learn if 3D printing makes economic sense for your business. It’s helpful to understand all…

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Marketing Content Medewerker

Ben je creatief en heb je een passie voor het schrijven van optimale (Engelstalige) SEO teksten? Dan ben jij de ideale persoon voor onze functie van marketing content medewerker! In deze rol ben je verantwoordelijk voor het creëren (en faciliteren) van tekstuele en visuele content voor onze website. Tractus3D is een internationaal bedrijf in de…

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Developing an Energy Efficient Vehicle with 3D Printing

The HAN Hydromotive team behind the energy efficient vehicle

Consumption of 1 liter fuel per 570 km. Last Friday the HAN Eco-marathon has taken place at the Midland Circuit Lelystad (Netherlands). It was the ultimate test for the Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2018, which is held 5 – 7 July in London. Student teams have designed and built vehicles with the aim to drive as…

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BMW M6 GT3: 3D Printing Used as Finishing Touch

The back of a BMW M6 GT3 with 3D printed letters

Street legal edition with 3D printed letters on the back. A big car enthusiast has constructed a street legal edition of the BMW M6 GT3. The branding letters on the back ”BMW M6 GT3” are 3D printed. The owner, Junior Strous, used a Tractus3D printer to print the letters at a high resolution. He chose…

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Ranked Among the Best Large Format and PEEK 3D Printers

A person is showing a 3D printed object which was printed on the T3500 large 3D printer

The Tractus3D T3500 and T650P. We are proud that our 3D printers are listed among the best printers at several independent websites. Especially the large format T3500 and the high-temperature PEEK printer, the T650P, receive a lot of attention. Top 10 largest 3D printers in the world The German website ‘Produktion’ published an article in…

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Produce on Demand With a 3D Printer

White object being 3D printed on demand on a industrial 3D printer

Offering freedom of design. One of the advantages of owning a 3D printer as a company is having the possibility to produce on demand. Traditional methods relied on molds and cutting, which makes customizing a time-consuming process. 3D printing enables to customize designs and constantly improve parts (prototyping) which can be produced in a relative…

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Make Your 3D Prints Stick to the Build Plate

Spraying hair spray on the glass build plate

Improving the adhesion The latest version of the T650, T650P, T850 and T1250 Tractus3D printers have a PEI build plate, before it was a glass plate. One of our goals is to make the 3D printing process as easy as possible, minimizing the extra actions a user have to perform when making a 3D print…

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3D Printing In-House Keeps it Confidential

Confidential paper with 3D print design

Your innovations will be safe. According to Wikipedia: ”Confidentiality involves a set of rules or a promise that limits access or places restrictions on certain types of information.” When your company owns a 3D printer this provides several benefits. For example the risk that a design will fall in the hands of a wrong third…

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3D Printing at Healthcare Institutions – Exhibiting

Tractus3D stand at the healthcare exhibition with 3D printer and 3D printed examples

3D Printing at Healthcare institutions. The Dutch healthcare exhibition Zorg & ICT is the annual highlight for current information, visible innovation, inspiration and the perfect opportunity to exchange knowledge and to network. Tractus3D was asked to participate at the innovation zone, Computable Future Lab, to demonstrate solutions for 3D printing at healthcare institutions. The healthcare…

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