Asia Chooses Dutch 3D Printing Expertise

From Korea

Recently Tractus3D engineers visited Korea and Indonesia for the installation of our large volume 3D printers. In Korea we installed the T3500 which can print over 2 meters (6.6 feet) in height at the Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology (GNTECH).

GNTECH is a national university located in Jinju, South Korea. Namkyung Kim, President: ”We are fostering talented people who are suitable for the 4th Industrial Revolution. They are qualified for creative talents with integration skills, warm–hearted talents with a good personality, multi-playing talents with on-the-job skills and international collaborative talents with global competitiveness”.

To Indonesia

After the installation in Korea, the Tractus3D engineers stayed in Asia and flew to Indonesia for the next installation. The Indonesia Center of Excellence in Automotive Systems & Control (PUIPT-SKO ITS) is now the proud owner of a T3000 which can print up to 1,5 meters (5 feet) high. This enables them to design and 3Dprint large car parts themselves.

A little bit of history: the establishment of PUIPT-SKO ITS began in 2012, started from a team of researchers who were members of the Industrial Systems & Automation Laboratory at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, ITS. Over time, other researchers from different science branches, like the Mechanical, Electrical, Physics and Chemical Engineering Departments were added. Also, human resources of the Industrial Product Design Department joined in. All these researchers blend perfectly together with the team of National Electric Cars (Molina) under the authority of Pusat Studi Energi: LPPM-ITS.

Dutch Craftmanship

These Asian organizations chose for a Tractus3D printer because of our Dutch craftmanship. Tractus3D printers are developed and produced in the Netherlands, in other words: made in Holland. We strive to create the best 3D printers on the market and do this by keeping everything in-house to ensure the highest possible quality. Additionally, when a large volume 3D printer is shipped, our engineers fly over to install the printer on location and provide a product and software training.