Today we introduce the new and improved 3D printers.

We are delighted to announce a new chapter in the Tractus3D journey. Today we introduce new and improved versions for four of our 3D printers; the T650, T850, T1250 and from our special series the T650P high temperature. With V2, as we call it, the newest technologies on the market are applied to make the 3D printing process even smoother.

The Benefits of V2

The first thing you will notice about V2 is the new design. Our signature red color is now more prominent than ever and the 3D printers are now completely closed chamber. This results in a better temperature stability and you will no longer have to worry about the possibility of fumes spreading everywhere. V2 is capable of printing twice as fast and makes less noise than its predecessor. The most important thing, however, is the fact that V2 has a higher build volume, even though the size of the printers remain the same. A free copy of the Simplify3D software, as well as a starter kit, are now included with every 3D printer in our product range.

Those who already have a T650, T850, T1250 or T650P, have nothing to worry about if they have purchased our service level agreement. For a major discount you will get an upgrade to V2 with all its benefits, including the bigger print volume. Of course the other benefits of the SLA, such as the 20 percent discount on filament, are also still included.

Special Launch Discount

To celebrate the launch of V2, we have a special deal for you. If you order a T650, T850, T1250 or T650P 3D printer somewhere between now and the first of November, you will receive a 20 percent discount on your new 3D printer. That is just one extra incentive for you to be among the first to order the newest version! Your purchased 3D printer will be shipped starting the first of November. Our DESK series are all delivered Ready to Print, so you can start enjoying your new 3D printer straight away.

The T650 is the smallest industrial 3D printer in our line-up.