AddExport from Sweden helps Tractus3D expanding their business in the Nordic countries

3D printing in the Nordic Countries

Markus Ryberg and Magnus Haugerud, owners of AddExport, have been working internationally in business development for more than 12 years. Their mission is to develop the market for industrial 3D printers in the Nordic countries and to build a reseller network for Tractus3D.

About AddExport
The competence AddExport has in technology, marketing and international trade as well as distribution makes them one of a kind.

The services of AddExport include sales and distribution of products for the print and sign industry. Specialized in wide format print finishing products, they successfully represent high-quality brands that helps their customers to become more efficient and productive.

Markus Ryberg, CEO of AddExport: “We are very pleased to develop the market for 3D printing in the Nordic countries for Tractus3D. 3D printing has enormous potential, not only for prototyping with minimal development time but also for production in several areas where the emphasis is on adaptation, short lead times and reduced costs.”

Added Value
Tractus3D has noticed a remarkable increase in the number of interested parties from the signage and retail industries. It is certainly an industry in which it is essential to stand out and distinguish. That is why it is understandable why this particular industry is involved in new development.

The best thing is that the 3D printing technique actually contributes to 2D communications and it is therefore not necessary to replace all existing techniques and machines at all. On the contrary, the addition of 3D printing only lifts the 2D expression to a new level!

Contact AddExport:
Markus Ryberg, CEO
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  • Markus Ryberg, CEO
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