3D Printing Tips & Tricks

A must read to improve your 3D printing.

Want to fine-tune your 3D printing skills? Download our 3D printing tips and tricks document at the bottom of this page to discover the most important do’s and dont’s. This will help you to achieve the best 3D print results!


It is important to learn more about the 5 steps to succesful 3D printing. Please keep in mind that we focus on FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printers.

1. Clean print surface.
2. Clean exterior of nozzle.
3. Check the filament.
4. Wait for first layer to finish.
5. Let print heads cool down.

Each step is further explained in the 3D printing tips and tricks document. We have also published some general 3D printing tips, for example ”Flush out old material first”: Extrude approx. 200 mm of new material to ensure old material is fully removed to prevent clogs when switching to different filament (material).


A very important part of the 3D printing process is the design of the object which you want to print. You create a design in for example AutoCAD or SolidWorks and save it as STL file. But before you create something please check our design tips for 3D printing, the possibilities and impossibilities: what do you need to take into account.

For example:

  • Apply fillets to reduce stress and increase strength on small pillars and features.
  • Bridges can be unsupported, but when the bridge is larger than 25 mm, support material is recommended.
  • Reorient part to prevent support material to save material, time and post-processing time.

    To make it a little bit more understandable we have included pictures in the 3D printing tips and tricks document to vizualize it.