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3D Printing Through the Ceiling

Tractus3D is becoming more and more known for its large format industrial 3D printers. The T3500 is our biggest machine at the moment with a height of 3,5 meters (11.5 feet). Because of the extreme proportions of the 3D printer we had to remove the ceiling at our production site in order to proceed with the assembly! Now that’s what we call a big industrial 3D printer!

High accuracy at a large volume

The T3500 is one of the biggest 3D printers in the world. It combines a print resolution from 20 microns up to 3000 microns and a speed of 300 mm/s with the ability to 3D print up to 2,1 meters (6.9 feet) in height. No need to split up your 3D design anymore because this build volume definitely meets your requirements. Print life-like objects all at once, while retaining great accuracy and a high printing speed.

T3500 Tractus3D printer is 3.5 meter high so is able to 3D print large size objects

Our latest News

Reduce Errors With 3D Printing

9. March 2018
3D printing a white object with a Tractus 3D printer, minimizing the risks of errors during the product development process

  Reduce Errors With 3D Printing Many industries are looking for ways to reduce the risk of errors during the process of developing a product or part. After creating a design in CAD software, a lot of companies outsource the production of the prototype part. After receiving the prototype back, a design often needs to…

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3D Printing Enclosures for Electronics

21. February 2018
The white headphone is 3D printed on a Tractus3D industrial FDM printer

3D Printing Enclosures for Electronics Freedom of design Using 3D printers to make custom made enclosures for electronics can be time and cost effective. A prototype or end product is normally 3D printed in just a few hours. It is also inexpensive compared to traditional methods. Right after the print is done, you can check…

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Reduce Development Time With 3D Printing

12. February 2018
3D scanning gutters of an old building

Reduce Development Time With 3D Printing 3D printing can reduce the development and production time of parts and products. Where traditional methods take days or weeks, a 3D print can be performed in less than a day. One of our clients has cut production time by 60%. This also saves them a lot of money, because less…

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