3D printing interior design industry

3D printing is changing the way interior designers deal with their day-to-day challenges. 3D printing allows them to create new and unique designs that only 3D printing technology can make possible. Additionally, cuts into the amount of time that traditional methods of producing regularly takes. Allowing the designers to do more in less time, but also, assuring that deadlines are met and clients remaining happy. But this is just one aspect of the interior design industry that 3D printing could becoming an essential asset and allow the creativity to flow.


Tractus3D sees a future for 3D printing when it comes to the interior design industry, this isn’t just limited to vases and lamps, this goes beyond that, going as far as 3D printing furniture, fixtures and different gadgets that could compliment your electronics. When it comes to 3D printing interior design industry, here are the benefits we see.

3D printing interior design allows you to even print your furniture, like this 3D printed chair

Benefits 3D printing interior design industry

First, in 3D printing interior design bring new design flexibilities for the designers. Designers are no longer constrained by any technical limitations when it comes to the objects they would like to create. They can use all their creativity and make completely unique designs that was previously not possible or even thought about when they needed to be created with the conventional manufacturing techniques. The advantage that this brings is, that 3D printing in the interior design industry saves a lot of time manufacturing a single part. It can be done in a matter of hours, in comparison to the traditional method that would need days or weeks to be produced.


It also creates an efficient production process. With the accuracy of the 3D printing techniques and the speed of the process, it is now possible to only produce what is needed. This applies for different factors, this also means efficiency when it comes to the quantity that is needed, so only create what you need, no over production. Additionally, efficient when it comes to waste, since you waste as little as possible when it comes to 3D printing and of course, as previously said, it is certainly efficient when it comes to time management. 3D printing allows you to get the most out of your time. For this reason, we see efficiency in different aspects as a huge benefit when it comes to 3D printing in the interior design industry.

3D printed light shade

Like previously mentioned, designers could create almost any design imaginable, in addition to this, customization options are also another benefit that 3D printing brings to the interior design industry. Instead of the designer, the clientele now has the possibility of having their own creations come to life. The clients can now choose from what colour or size they prefer, while not making a singular adjustment to the design of the product. Making it possible to add a unique and their own touch to the product.


Lastly it is the easy availability of 3D technology. 3D printing is a basic set up and can easily be installed at any workshop. If businesses want to do bigger objects like furniture, there are a lot of companies that do 3D printing services, like Tractus3D, so the printing itself could always be outsourced. So now designers no longer need to be dependent on what is available on the market, but can custom design their furniture, fittings, and other décor components.

3D printed Art

3D printing interior design industry changing the way business is done

With 3D printing being easier to access, interior designers and others involved within the designing industry are sure to see a change in the way they conduct business. Instead of delivering a product onto the market, they can now listen to their customers and create something customized and specifically want. No longer creating for the masses but creating uniquely for the needs of certain clients. Catering to their taste and preferences, which certainly changes the way interior designers must conduct business. So 3D printing interior design remains a unique but also lucrative business opportunity.