Reasons to include 3D printing when advertising

In the advertising industry, signage plays an important role in how bands are able to shine and allow their message to pop out. In order to deliver different effects, signage can be created using a wide range of materials and formats. 3D printing can be extremely beneficial for anyone looking to add creativity to their company in order to stand out.


With help of 3D printing they can create completely unique signage and displays in order to draw attention to their company. If you are wondering how exactly why including 3D printing to your business could be essential. Here are a few reasons why, when adding 3D printing to your advertising can help you generate more business.

Interest customers

It is no secret to any businessman that signage and displays can attract potential customers to a company. Having creative signage and appealing displays creates curiosity and encourages potential customers to either enter your business or want to know more about the company.


Business signs and displays assures customers that they are at the right place. Lastly, business signage and display advertising creates a first impression to your business before a single door has been opened, or even before a purchase has been made. For this reason, 3D printing can allow you to create an impression with signage and advertising material for your business.


Signage and advertising materials are often designed to help customers recognize a brand, but most importantly identify a brand. Brand recognition and identity is essential to any business. In many instances, creating brand specific advertising material can be quite difficult and in some cases impossible. Developing a completely unique signage that could easily be recognized by customers, is a possibility that 3D printing provides companies. Similarly, 3D printing large advertising material, is a great way to increase customer recognition and allow you to expand the way you advertise your products. For example, creating a giant size version of your product to put on display anywhere. Makes it easier to recognize the brand but also, leave a lasting impression.

Stand out

Besides being recognizable, 3D printing implemented in any company’s advertising allows companies to create completely unique 3D printed signage and displays. By doing so, it allows companies the ability to stand out compared to their competitors. While everyone is advertising the traditional method, or within the limitations of traditional advertising materials. With 3D printing, you have the ability to do anything with your signage and advertising materials. Which is not replicable by your competitors. Because with 3D printing, the possibilities are quite endless!


Finally, it does not always have to serve a purpose. Sure, adding 3D printing to your advertising increases customer interest, adds recognition and allows you to stand out. Sometimes, it just simply looks nice and enhances the appearance of your company but also its’ surroundings outside and withing your buildings. Adding appeal could be as effective as any of the previously mentioned reasons, but it does not always have to be the case. Sometimes it is all about looking nice and displaying your business and product in an appealing way. Regardless a company or building with more appeal is certainly something any business thrives to be.

If your in the business of creating signage or advertising, it is clear that 3D printers and 3D printing can add a lot to your business and generate more business. Our 3D printers can help you generate more business and help you create more unique, appealing and large 3D printed materials for your business.


Visual and easy experiences with real large volume 3D printing with industrial grade results. Print up to 1 meter in width and 2.1 meters high.