3D Printing at Healthcare Institutions – Exhibition

The Dutch healthcare exhibition Zorg & ICT is the annual highlight for current information, visible innovation, inspiration and the perfect opportunity to exchange knowledge and to network. Tractus3D was asked to participate at the innovation zone, Computable Future Lab, to demonstrate solutions for 3D printing at healthcare institutions. The healthcare exhitibion was held 17 – 19 April 2018.

More efficient and user-friendly

Healthcare institutions and young emerging companies demonstrated solutions which are developed to make healthcare better, faster, more efficient and more user-friendly. In the Jaarbeurs Utrecht (Netherlands) at stand F13 we presented our 3D printers and a wide range of 3D printed examples, including prostheses and braces. We have spoken with a lot of interesting visitors and discussed the possibilities of 3D printing in healthcare for institutions and organizations.

Solving medical problems faster

Leading up to the fair there were some publications about the participating businesses. Also a Dutch article about companies with innovative healthcare solutions at the Zorg & ICT exhibition, including Tractus3D: ”The possibilities of 3D printing at Healthcare institutions are endless and offer various applications. By using 3D printers it is possible to solve medical problems faster because a digital design can directly be translated into a tangible object.”

Advantages for Healthcare

3D printing at Healthcare institutions provides several benefits:

Accelerate the development and production time.
Reduce the costs of prototypes and development.
Avoid the limitations and impossibilities of traditional production methods.

3D printing material

The durability of 3D printing materials makes it perfect for tools, medical equipment and prosthesis. Of course, also because of the need to remain clean, the sterilization properties makes 3D printing at healthcare institutions (including research organizations) an attractive choice.

Wide range of solutions

Tractus3D offers a wide range of 3D printer solutions for 3D printing at Healthcare institutions. From 3D printers for detailed smaller objects to printers which can produce very large objects (up to 2.1 meters). In addition we have developed a 3D printer, the T650P, that can print high-quality polymers, for example PEEK which has metal properties.

These 3D printed parts cost less than metal, are less heavy and easier to sterilize. Therefore it is very suitable for the health care industry. Catheters are made from it, for instance. Due to its columnar stiffness and the tight bend radius in thin walls, catheters are maneuvered more easily through a body’s pathway. As PEEK is considered an advanced biomaterial, it is used in medical implants as well.