3D Printing Enclosures for Electronics

Freedom of design

Using 3D printers to make custom made enclosures for electronics can be time and cost effective. A prototype or end product is normally 3D printed in just a few hours. It is also inexpensive compared to traditional methods. Right after the print is done, you can check if the part fits, and when needed further optimize the design and print it again. 3D printing enclosures for electronics offers the ultimate design freedom.

3D Printed Enclosure

We received an enthusiastic email from a client, who is working at an engineering company. Coincidentally he stumbled across the website of the company print+. This company has successfully developed a Do It Yourself (DIY) headphone. They offer 6 different headphone designs for free, which you can print in 3D yourself.

When a part breaks on a mass-produced headphone, the headphone is likely to end up in the trash. But in this case you just print a new part and replace it. Separately you can buy the electronics kit for 35 euro’s. This set contains a pair of quality speakers, remote circuit board, pair of cushions, headband, remote cable and an audio cable.

Tailor Made Headphone on a Tractus3D

After visiting the website, our client was excited to create the tailor made headphone and bought the DIY headphone kit (electronics). He 3D printed the following parts, one black and one white version:

  • Frame
  • Speaker covers
  • Remote parts (housing, button and tray)
  • Left and right speaker housing

After finishing the 3D prints on a Tractus3D T1250, which were printed all at once, the parts needed to be assembled. The assembly is quite simple: no screws, glue or soldering required. Our client was very pleased with the end-result and e-mailed us a couple of photo’s, published in this article. Always nice to see how customers put our printer to work. A good example of 3D printing enlcosures for electronics.