3D printing at the Dutch Air Force Edit

For and by Defense personnel

MakAIRsjop is a makerspace, for and by Defense personnel, located at the Dutch military air base in Woensdrecht. The airport is used by the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) as a training and logistical base. Approximately 2000 people work at the Woensdrecht Air Base.

Ambition, Innovation and Result.

MakAIRsjop is a space where Defense workers can transform their ideas into a tangible objects with modern techniques. It is an initiative of innovation center AIR (Ambition, Innovation and Result) to promote innovation and creativity. Resources and people are provided by the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

We are proud that the T1250 Tractus3D printer is added to the MakAIRsjop and Dutch military will make use of our technology. The benefits of 3D printing are endless and that’s why it is important to make Defense familiar with the range of possibilities.

3D Printing at Military Units

Bas Jansen, part of the Air Force Command / Innovation Center Ambition Innovation and Result, visited Tractus3D to pick-up the 3D printer personally. On the photo he shakes hands with the Tractus3D CTO, Daniel van Mourik. In the coming years Bas is looking into the possibility of setting up a mobile MakAIRsjop, so they can visit other military units. This also offers the opportunity to involve schools and universities in these techniques and their applications, and to get them interested in Defense.