3D Printed Dental Implants?

The dental medical industry is one of the industries that has implementing the use of 3D printing more and more over the years. The creation of dental implants and crowns are commonly used when it comes to 3D printing. The purpose of this process and product is to produce something indistinguishable from your natural teeth which can be quite difficult, especially to get it to fit perfectly and look as identical as possible.

To match your smile perfectly, it is crafted precisely when it comes to shape, size and position of the artificial tooth or crown. One of the few ways to get this is by 3D printing dental implants in order to get them looking perfectly.

Traditional method needs improvement

The traditional method of creating dental implants usually involves the use of plaster. This is where the patient is made to imprint his dental impression. Once this is done, it is then converted into a plaster model. For a very long time, this has been the effective method but when you look at the process, it is quite tedious for both the patient and for the doctor.

Additionally, if this is not done correctly and properly, it can lead not only to faulty implants, but also painful implants. That’s not ideal for the patient, who is simply looking for the perfect smile. 3D printing dental implants allows dentists to perfect the implant and reduce the chances of faulty implants.

3D printed dental implants by our resellers Phoenix

3D printed dental implants the solution

Adding to this entire process, it also requires the patient to pay a lot of visits to the dentists and requires a lot of time. This isn’t beneficial to either dentist or patient and especially not convenient. Since it just lengthens the process and takes away time from patient and dentist.

Thanks to the implementation of 3D printing, it alleviates a lot of the pain that the patient goes through since dentist can now create 3D printed dental implants as perfect as the original. No longer is the process of creating a dental impression. Now a simple intraoral scanner can convert the internal scan, into a 3D model.

3D printed dental implants brings its benefits

Thus far, with modern day technology, the most accurate technique to get an accurate 3D model. The model created can be used to 3D print the entire structure of the patient. Creating the most detailed model compared to traditional methods.

With the help of this model, dentists now have a base for designers to design an accurate and most importantly, personalized dental implant for their patients. This is beneficial for dentist and patient for many reasons, four of these reasons are:

1. This method assures an accurate depiction of the patients’ dental imprints.
2. Can be done quickly, thanks to 3D printing.
3. Can be done for a relatively lower price compared to traditional methods, so it saves costs.
4. Good long-term result.

Addition to these factors, one process that no longer needs to be implemented is the messy process of inserting plaster into the patients’ mouth, something patients will certainly appreciate. Since the right printing materials could be used to create 3D printed dental implants that does not make the process messy, leaving the taste of plaster in the patient’s mouth.

The way we see it, 3D printed dental implants are changing the way doctors deliver healthcare services to their patients, making it easy, quick, less expensive, reliable and lastly, less messy. The same can be said about dentists and other branches of the healthcare industry.

All of them are implementing and making use of 3D printing to make things easy and personalized for the patients but also makes the process way more convenient for all. So, it is easy to see why 3D printing is branching out and making great improvements within the healthcare industry. Luckily our 3D printers are quite active in the healthcare industry. That has been proven, since our 3D printers are often used by our resellers in Germany Phoenix GmbH & Co.