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3D Print in Education
Develop the Skills of the Future Workforce

The diversity of 3D print in Education

3D Printing is an aspiration for many educational institutions. They realize that the benefit of 3D print in education is one for the long term. The advantages of 3D printing are undeniable looking at the practical applications, it offers opportunities to a lot of school subjects. Architecture students can print out 3D models of designs, engineering students can print out prototypes, automotive students can print out replacement parts or customized examples of existing parts for testing and graphic design students can print their art work in 3D.

Key technology

Currently, 3D printing technology is becoming one of the new key technologies. It enables companies to cut costs, shorten their time-to-market, helps them to produce stronger and lighter parts and improve their efficiency. For that reason, it is important that students understand the technology of the future global economy. In the US and other places, already summer camps have been set up to teach 3D printing techniques over the summer. Children from a young age get to explore the subject of additive manufacturing.

Importance of knowledge

In 2017, the UK envisioned to become world leader in the additive manufacturing sector by 2025. Therefore, the AM UK, an independent, government-backed collaboration, published the "Additive Manufacturing National Strategy".

The UK is already one of the largest countries in Europe within additive manufacturing (second to Germany). They are well aware of the fact that the 3D printing technology has an high added value and helps ensure that the UK remains one of the major producing countries. Nevertheless, many companies, lack the awareness, resources or confidence to use 3D printing as part of their manufacturing toolkit.

Students looking at a laptop with 3D design, an example of 3D print in education

"3D print in Education must be involved to prepare students for the future."

The financing of 3D print in education

Thus 3D technology is becoming a very important component in the economy and subsequent a valuable addition of the schools curriculum. However, the problem is primarily 3D printers are not cheap. With budgets running dry, many schools simply cannot afford them. Tractus3D wants to support and stimulate the use of 3D printing at schools and universities. That’s why we offer significant discounts for educational institutions.

Make 3D printing a priority in your curriculum

According to the Educator Online there are 7 steps to successfully build a curriculum around 3D printing:

1. Find and train the people who will help drive interest and engagement.
2. Build a resource library to support students.
3. Communicate to students and faculty when the 3D printing solution is ready to launch.
4. Train users so they know how to use the solution and the rules around the solution.
5. Implement a management plan to optimise 3D printer use.
6. Showcase the best projects to encourage students and staff to continue using the 3DP solution.
7. Plan to expand the 3D printing solution to accommodate increased demand.

As a 3D printer manufacturer, Tractus3D can support you by developing a curriculum.

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