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Tractus3D presents 3D printing at the annual supercar meeting GMTEC

Tractus3D 3D printer being used to 3D print racecar parts

3D printer attracts a lot of attention at GMTEC Cars.

3D printing is already being used in the automotive industry quite frequently. Because of this, GMTEC, located in Oud-Beierland nearby Rotterdam, invited Tractus3D for their annual supercar meeting event.

With almost 300 supercars attending, GMTEC attracted around 6,000 people to come visit their company, which is specialized in the sale, maintenance and tuning of supercars. General Manager Gerco de Jong is keen on the latest technology and interested in the development of 3D printing for producing one-off parts ,scale models, aerodynamic parts and more. A Tractus3D T1250 printer took a prominent spot between supercars like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Mercedes.

Eye-catching T1250 3D printer

Outside, people got to admire a parking lot full of dream cars. Everyone was welcome to come inside to see the products and services of the GMTEC supercar specialists. Our T1250 attracted a lot of attention from visitors. Seeing the printer do its work was an eyeopener for a lot of people, as they did not expect to see a 3D printer in a company like GMTEC.

As an example of what 3D printing could mean for the automotive industry, we brought a 3D printed scale model of a Toyota engine. We downloaded this file from Thingiverse. People were astonished by the results and almost could not believe that it was 3D printed as it was much more detailed and of a higher resolution than they had anticipated.

3D printed car engine Toyota
3D printed Toyota engine
Detail of a 3D printed car engine

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