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Archive for February 2018

3D Printing Enclosures for Electronics

The white headphone is 3D printed on a Tractus3D industrial FDM printer

3D prints: Time and cost effective. Freedom of design. Using 3D printers to make custom made enclosures for electronics can be time and cost effective. A prototype or end product is normally 3D printed in just a few hours. It is also inexpensive compared to traditional methods. Right after the print is done, you can…

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Reduce Development Time With 3D Printing

3D scanning gutters of an old building

Cut production time using 3D Printers. 3D printing can reduce the development and production time of parts and products. Where traditional methods take days or weeks, a 3D print can be performed in less than a day. One of our clients has cut production time by 60%. This also saves them a lot of money, because…

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3D Printing Benchmark: 3D Benchy

The jolly 3D printing torture test. Model for testing and benchmarking. The 3DBenchy is one of the most used 3D models for testing and benchmarking 3D printers. It’s designed by Creative Tools, to offer a large array of challenging geometrical features for 3D printers, and touch on different issues related to additive manufacturing. They also…

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