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Archive for December 2017

Pushing the Limits of Printing in PEEK

small Tractus3D industrial T650 printer on a desk

Tractus3D is pushing the Limits with the PEEK 3D printer. Tractus3D has launched their next generation 3D PEEK printer, the T650P. With its build volume up to 315 millimeters in height, high resolution (10 microns) and affordability (€7.900,-) we are setting a new standard in PEEK 3D printing. The T650P can 3D print a wide variety…

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Silent Night, Peaceful 3D Printing

3D printed Christmas objects

An undisturbed work environment. Low Sound Level. Our industrial 3D printers are operating at a noise level as low as 35 decibels (dB). This is comparable to human whispering and rustling needles. The peaceful sound of a crackling fireplace is already over 40 decibels. Work in Peace. The Tractus3D printers, even the big ones up…

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