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COVID-19 / Corona virus statement:

Currently we all are facing an unprecedented and very rapidly changing health crisis due to COVID-19 (coronavirus). As you can imagine the health and safety of our staff and their families are our top priority, and even though the Netherlands is not in a full lockdown, we did take significant health precautions within Tractus3D.

We follow the rules set by the Dutch government and the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment). We do, however, our best to keep business going and try to deliver our 3D printers as soon as possible.

Our production staff continues their activity with precaution and health measures in place and make every effort to deliver your orders without risk. Our delivery partners will also continue to provide their services, but the deadlines may be longer than usual due to restrictions set by governments and limited transportation possibilities.

Our 3D printer series

If you’re looking for a way to produce detailed and big objects our large volume 3D printers are an excellent choice. They have a much larger build size than most other industrial 3D printers and can print objects fast at high resolution.
PRO series
Searching for the best solution for creating strong and lightweight parts yourself? This is not easy as the market is full of different systems and technologies that all claim to be the best. Are you looking for an industrial PEEK 3D printer that is:
DESK series
Our DESK series brings your 3D printing creativity right to your desk. The high accuracy and precise printing combined with the smaller size of the 3D printer are ideal to rapid prototype and design new products.
Upgrades and add-ons
Upgrades and add-ons to our printers. Keep your 3D printer up to date to the latest standards in 3D printing with our upgrades and add-ons.

Industries you can find us

The possibilities of 3D printing for product development (prototyping) and manufacturing are really endless. Print everything from concept models to creating end-use parts. Read more about 3D printing with a Tractus3D 3D printer in multiple branches.

Tractus3D is trusted by

The stories right from some of our customers. All having their own needs for 3D printing, read their challanges and solutions.


The latest news of Tractus3D. Keep up to date on the latest innovations, new products, updates and special news.


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Working from home more efficiently? Our DESK series is the perfect solution

Due to the worlwide lockdowns, a lot of people need to work from home, if possible. How to do this more efficiently with our DESK series...

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3D printing medical materials, a need for every medical place

As the outbreak of the Coronavirus keeps spreading and affecting more and more people, the pressure on the healthcare systems and medical professionals is growing by the minute, how can 3D printers help?

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