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What makes our Industrial 3D printers so DIFFERENT?

While much attention has been focused on the consumer marketplace, consumer-grade printers are not suitable for large-scale production grade 3D manufacturing. They do not have the speed, facilities or robustness which are critical for industrial manufacturing. Our Industrial 3D printers are different...

Of course you will want to see your finished object as soon as possible so you can get most out of 3D manufacturing. We know this feeling, which is why our speed goes up to 600 millimeters per second.

Tractus 3D T650P PEEK Industrial 3D Printer

We have an Industrial 3D printer for every business goal

Do you want to 3D print large parts at once or produce a lot of small parts in one printsession, we make it possible. Need light weight parts that have the same strenght as metal, with our PEEK 3D printer you can make it happen.

Tractus3D T650 Industrial 3D Printer for FFF 3D printing

T650 (S)

Build volume: 170 diameter x 285 height
(315 center)

Tractus3D T850 industrial 3D FDM Printer for production grade FDM printing

T850 (M)

Build volume: 280 diameter x 345 height
(405 center)

Tractus3D T1250 3D FDM printer for industrial 3D printing

T1250 (L)

Build volume: 360 diameter x 605 height
(675 center)

Tractus 3D T650P PEEK Industrial 3D Printer

T650P (PEEK)

3D printing all plastics
(including high

Tractus3D T3000 3D Industrial printer for 3D printing large objects

T3000 (XL)

Build volume: 1000 diameter x 1450 height
(1540 center)

Tractus3D T3500 big delta 3D Printer

T3500 (XXL)

Build volume: 1000 diameter x 2000 height
(2100 center)

See for yourself how they work

logo of hans boodt mannequins

Fashion mannequins manufactured faster and easier

Designing a mannequin is not as easy as some might think. Trying to change the process behind it is even harder. The Tractus3D large volume printers offered the perfect solution for Hans Boodt. They can 3D print entire life-size mannequins at once, granting manufacturers an immediate insight in the end product. Read more here about the advantages for Hans Boodt.

logo of woonstad rotterdam

Renovation costs of old building reduced by 70%

Prior to incorporating 3D printing, the models were handmade using stone. Handcrafting complex models was labor-intensive and time-consuming, particularly when working out all the geometries required to replicate the original ornaments. A FDM printer can  provide the perfect solution. Read more here about the benefits of 3D printing for Woonstad Rotterdam.

Stay up-to-date about 3D printing

3D printing a white object with a Tractus 3D printer, minimizing the risks of errors during the product development process

Reduce Errors With 3D Printing

9. March 2018

  Reduce Errors With 3D Printing Many industries are looking for ways to reduce the risk of errors during the…

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The white headphone is 3D printed on a Tractus3D industrial FDM printer

3D Printing Enclosures for Electronics

21. February 2018

3D Printing Enclosures for Electronics Freedom of design Using 3D printers to make custom made enclosures for electronics can be…

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3D scanning gutters of an old building

Reduce Development Time With 3D Printing

12. February 2018

Reduce Development Time With 3D Printing 3D printing can reduce the development and production time of parts and products. Where traditional…

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Founder of Tractus3D industrial 3D printers in front of a large size 3D printer holding a 3D printed large object in his hands

3D printing large objects

High accuracy at a large volume; that is what our T3000 and T3500 industrial 3D printers offer. You can manufacture life-like objects all at once in a wide variety of materials, while retaining great accuracy (50 microns) and printing speed (300 mm/s).

T3000 (XL)

3D printing: 1000 x 1450 cm height
(1540 center)

T3500 (XXL)

3D printing: 1000 x 2000 cm height
(2100 center)

High temperature 3D printing

With a nozzle temperature of 450° Celcius, a bed temperature of 175° Celcius and a closed chamber to preserve the heat of the 3D printer, the T650P can handle all kind of filaments. It can print anything from the more standard materials such as PLA, ABS and PETG to high temperature materials like PEEK and PEI/ULTEM and everything in between, such as POM, PRO1, Nylon, NinjaFlex, etc.

It is just as fast and accurate as our other industrial 3D printers, so you never have to compromise just because you want to print high temperature materials.